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Smit Organic Mango Farm brings to you the natural delicacies of Indian mango and mango products.

Our offering is the best of India: “Kesar” mango. “Kesar” is the queen of mangoes.These are widely grown in Gujarat, India. It has a unique golden saffron glow, a rich smooth pulp and sweet intense flavor that tease your taste buds. It is mainly characterized by its unique gold color with green overtones. The fruit weighs approximately 200-300 grams.
Smit Organic Mango Farm offers the very best of Kesar naturally ripened fruit as “Organic Queen Kesar”

Nearly 41% of the mangoes produced in the world come from India and nothing is equivavlent to the taste of Kesar. The sweetness and flavor of Kesar go way beyond the word “delicious” and the slice of this fruit, as many will describe “A Slice of Paradise” is truly a “Slice of Heaven on the Earth”.

“Participating and Contributing in Uplifting the Socio-Economic Structure of Farmers through Creation of New Market for their Produce”

It has long been the dream of Smit Organic Mango Farm to make efforts towards improving the socio-economic standards of the underprivileged farmers in India. Mango trade in India is heavily controlled by contractors and middlemen. The small farmers those depend on them for the sale of their mangoes end up receiving a very small portion of the profit. They are forced to live on this income until the next harvest. It is this distraught, socio-economic standard of the Indian farmers that led Smit Organic Mango Farm to take initiatives in trying to eradicate their poverty and help them get a fair price for their produce.

Farm-to-Fork aims at eliminating the middleman completely from the mango supply chain and bring the produce directly from farmers to consumers. It aims at helping farmers get a fair price for their hard work and thus help them sustain themselves and their families and live a better quality life.

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